Christopher Rosen

Welcome to my project repository. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Crete Center for Theoretical Physics, working on theoretical descriptions of strongly coupled systems. The techniques I use to explore these systems have their roots in string theory, and involve the application of a remarkable duality between gauge theories and gravitiational theories in diverse dimensions. Fortuitously, this "gauge/gravity" duality is capable of mapping difficult problems in field theory to comparatively simple calculations in classical general relativity.

The questions I am most interested in solving address diverse phenomena in contemporary physics that have thusfar resisted standard theoretical techniques. These puzzles span the energy spectrum from non-Fermi liquidity to critical behavior in Quantum Chromodynamics. Recently I have become interested in gauged supergravities and their capacity to describe mysterious aspects of condensed matter physics in a consistent physical framework. Beyond academics, I like to rock climb, snowboard, miniaturize trees, take pictures, and paint. You can find more information about my interests and research in the links at left.

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