Lookas Dragonlance Homepage

Welcome to the world of Krynn, I wasn't expecting you here so soon, but I guess my portal worked better than I thought it would... hmm. No matter. Come closer, and I will tell you where you are and what it is like to walk the lands of this world, Krynn. You are on Ansalon, the center continent of Krynn. I am Lookas , a scholar and renegade mage. I am trying to make a guide for all those who will pass through my portal and come here. Krynn is full of dangers, so watch your step from here on, for you might find yourself face to face with a Draconian or come to see that your gold purse is empty (Kender...). For that purpose I have managed to acquire two very rare magical items. The BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE and The DRAGONORB. From The BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE, you will learn everything there is to know about Krynn, and from The DRAGONORB, you will see what happened throughout the timeline of Krynn.


Look into the DRAGONORB