Date:Circa 1983
Samos, summer 1983

Date:Summer 1984
CERN, control room of Delphi experiment,
with (from left to right) P. Ioannou, C. Kourkoumeli,
M. Vassiliou (now all at U. of Athens)
and S. Katsanevas (now at APC, Paris)

Date:Circa Summer 1986
Carmel California with B. Warr (deceased)

Date: July 1991
Kyoto: with Japanese host family

Date: Fall 1991
ENS, Paris

Date: Circa 1993
Theory Division, CERN: with Sergio Ferrara (staff member)

Date: Summer 1993

Date:Summer 1993

Date:Circa 1994
CERN: with Guido Altarelli (staff member)

Date: Spring 1995
CERN, easter: with Costas Kounnas
(now at ENS, Paris) and Ioannis Bakas
(now at University of Patras)

Date: Spring 1995
CERN, easter: with Savas Dimopoulos
(now at Stanford)

Date: Circa 1995
CERN: with Luis Alvarez-Gaume
(now director of the Theory Division at CERN)

Date:Christmas 1996
CERN Theory group Christmas Play
with Edmond Berger (now at Argonne lab)

Date:Christmas 1996
CERN Theory group Christmas Play
with Fabio Zwirner (now at University of Padova)

Date: circa 1997
At El Viejo Alamacen in Buenos Aires with
from left to right: John Ellis (CERN),
Misha Shaposhnikov (EPFL, Lausanne),
from left to right: John Ellis (CERN),
Gian Giudice (CERN),
Jose Labastida (Santiago de Compostella),
Luis Alvarez-Gaume (CERN),
Wolfgang Lerche (CERN), Luis Miramontes,
Alfonso Ramallo (Santiago de Compostella)

Date:Christmas 1997
CERN Theory group Christmas Play
with Guido Altarelli (CERN) and
Costas Kounnas (ENS, Paris)

Date: Circa 1997
with Massimo Porrati (NYU)

Date: Circa 1998
Outside "Clos Pegase" winery
in Nappa Valley, California

Date: September 1998
With Cobi Sonnenschein (Tel Aviv University)
and Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew University)


Date: September 1998
With Andy Strominger (Harvard University)
at the Kolymbari meeting

Date: Circa 1998
CERN: with Luciano Girardelo
(University of Milano)

Date: Circa 1998
CERN: with Guido Martinelli
(University of Roma I)

Date: Circa 1998
CERN: with Soo Jong Rey
(Seoul National University)

Date: Circa 2000
Bodossakis Prize ceremony, Athens
with Ioannis Bakas (Patras University)
and Ioannis Iliopoulos
(ENS. Paris, prize recipient).

Date: September 2001
Kolymbari: with the organizers
of the Crete Regional Meeting
with Farhad Ardalan (IPM, Teheran)
Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew University)
Spenta Wadia (Tata Intitute, Mumbai)
Kumar Narain (ICTP, Trieste)

Date: circa 2003
Wine tasting at the cave
of Philippe Valette in
Macon, Burgundy

Date: circa 2004
With the mostly Paris crowd:
from left to right
Costas Kounnas (ENS)
Marios Petropoulos (Ecole Polytechnique)
Boris Pioline (LPTHE, Paris 6)
Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew University)
Jan Troost (ENS)
Costas Bachas (ENS)
Laurent Baulieu (LPTHE, Paris 6)

Date: circa 2005
At IPM, Teheran with
Mohsen Alishahiha and
Farhad Ardalan in front of the
greek inscription.

Date: circa 2005
At Perimeter Institute
with Gordy Kane (University of michigan)

Date: circa 2005
At the kolymbari meeting
with (from left to right)
Albrecht Klemm (Bonn University)
Gleb Arutyunov (Utrecht University)
Alex Sevrin (Vrije University Brussels)
Joe Minahan (Uppsala University)
Shamir Mathur (Ohio University)
Stefan Stieberger (LMU, Munchen)
Stefan Vandoren (Utrecht University)
Wolfgang Muck(Universita di Napoli)

Date: circa 2006
At the "30 years of supergravity"
conference in Paris
with Jean-Pierre Derendinger
(University of Neuchatel)

Date: circa 2007
Inside the Atlas Detector at CERN
with (from center to right)
T. D. Lee (Columbia University)
Lisa Randall (Harvard University)

Date: April 2009
with Ryoichi Seki (Kyoto)

Date: June 2009
Kolymbari meeting
with Yaron Oz (Tel Aviv University)

Date: Sept. 2000
Kolymbari meeting

Date: June. 2009
With students and young collaborators
From left: P. Anastasopoulos, (now at University of Vienna),
L. Mazzanti, (now at University of Santiago de Compostella)
F. Nitti (now at APC, Universite Paris 7),
G. Papageorgakis (now at Kings' College London)

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